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Mizoram University Admission 2022, Result, Scholarship, Reviews, Faculties, Placement

Mizoram University 

Mizoram University is an central university under the University Grants Commission, Government of India, and it was established on 2 July 2001, by the Mizoram University Act (in the year 2000) of the Parliament of India. The President of India is the official Visitor, and the Governor of Mizoram acts as the Chief Rector as per the Mizoram University (Amendment) Bill, 2007. 

The institute is the fruit of the Mizoram Peace Accord between Mizo National Front and Government of India on 30 June 1986. However, it was not created de novo. The North Eastern Hill University, with its headquarters situated at Shillong had already run its Mizoram campus since year 1978. The Mizoram University Act by the Parliament of India officially established the school on 2 July 2001, incorporating all the facilities of the existing Mizoram campus of NEHU. The jurisdiction of the institute, therefore, extends to the whole of Mizoram. Initially, the institute had 7 academic departments inherited from NEHU, but it now has a total of 18 academic departments. It hopes to bring the number to a total of 27 departments within the current Xth Plan. The institute under NEHU functioned from various rented buildings in Aizawl for over 2 decades. 

Mizoram University was created by an Act of Parliament (No. 8 of 2000) & it became functional from 2nd July, 2001. The Institute is located at Aizawl, the capital city of the Mizoram and is spread over 978.1988 acres in an area on the outskirts of the city. Prior to the existence of the Mizoram University, the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) with headquarters situated at the Shillong was operating a campus in the Mizoram. Headed by a Pro-Vice Chancellor, the then Mizoram Campus of the NEHU consisted of 7 Post-Graduate Departments, namely, Economics, Education, English, Forestry, Mizo, Psychology and Public Administration. During the last 17 years of its existence, Mizoram University has made considerable progress in the terms of infrastructure, academic programmes, manpower and support services.

Mizoram University was accredited ‘A’ grade by NAAC in the year  2019. The Institute was ranked as one of the top 100 Universities in India,assessed by the NIRF rankings in year 2016, 2017 and 2018 under MHRD. The Institute has 33 functioning academic departments offering UG, PG, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes under 8 Schools of Study. The University has 35 affiliated colleges and one constituent college.

The University admitted 3,036 total candidates in 2017-18 out of which 165 candidates are from other states and foreign countries. The University has 208 full-time faculty and 76% of the faculty are with Ph.D. qualification.

The Institute is one of the pioneering Universities in the country which has successfully implemented the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) since year 2013.

During the last 5 years the University has awarded 277 Ph.D. degrees in the different disciplines. The faculty has published 1385 papers in reputed journals, and over 900 books, book chapters in edited volumes and conference proceedings during the last 5 years. In line as per SCOPUS, WoS and Indian Citation Index databases, a total of 7434 citations were recorded with the average h-index of 26 (SCOPUS and WoS).The University teachers filed 20 Patents on the basis of their individual research outcomes. 

Mizoram University has changed immensely after the recent move of the main administration & some academic departments to its permanent campus at Tanhril, Aizawl. Except for a few remaining academic departments, the Sports Cell, the Medical Clinic & Central Library, the institute is now well consolidated in its main campus. A plot of land measuring about 978.2 acres (395.9 ha) of area with lush greenery and scenic hills, leased by the Government of Mizoram at Tanhril, serves as the permanent campus of the Mizoram University. It is now undergoing a sea change, thanks to the development & construction works taking place with the help of the sum of Rs. 25 crores from DoNER & anticipated commitment of UGC Grant for the Infrastructure of Development of Mizoram University under Xth Plan amounting to Rs. 43.50 Crores. 

Forests & flora 

The Mizoram University campus contains regenerating tropical wet evergreen & semi-evergreen forests, including a protected forested water catchment reserve in the north & a small biodiversity park. Several streams flow through the University campus. Setlak Lui (Lui means river in Mizo) runs along the valley and is joined by the Rultawi Lui, Hoat Dong Lui, Lalmangkhawng Lui, and Lungsum Sau Lui. Kel Lui & Chengkawl Lui also flow through the area. These streams mostly flow in a north-westerly direction to join the Tlawng River. 

The plant life includes 384 species of the vascular plants in 290 genera and 107 families. Common plants species include trees like Aporusa octandra, Castanopsis tribuloides, Schima wallichii, Bischofia javanica, & Anogeissus acuminata, shrubs like Melastoma nepalensis and Clerodendrum infortunatum, herbaceous plants like Imperata cylindrica, Erianthus longisetosus, Bidens biternata, & Knoxia corymbosa, & invasive alien species including Chromolaena odorata & Mikania micrantha. Bamboo species present include Melocanna baccifera, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii & Dendrocalamus longispathus. 

Animal Diversity 

Eurasian Wryneck photographed on the campus

The campus also has a rich diversity of the animal species. Among reptiles, there are 23 species of snakes in 4 families, including Boiga cyanea, Elaphe porphyracea, Gonyosoma prasina, Pareas monticola, Rhabdops bicolor, Trachischium tenuiceps, Rhabdophis subminiatus, Trimeresurus erythrurus, Bungarus niger, Naja kaouthia, & Ophiophagus hannah. The campus is noted as an eBird hotspot with about 60 species listed at present including species such as Eurasian Wryneck, Black-crested Bulbul & many others. Mammals such as Hoary-bellied Squirrel & Pallas's Squirrel also occur. 

Student Union 

Mizoram University Students Council (MZUSC) is primarily responsible for building & preserving a healthy political culture in the campus. The candidate's Council holds Freshers to welcome new candidates and also a University festival called Vibrio. 


Mizoram University has an Annual Magazine called Lunglohtui & a monthly newsletter called Silhouette published by the Department of Mass Communication. It has several journals such as Science and Technology Journal, Administrative Studies, Management Convergence, Contemporary Social Scientist, Geographic Journal, Journal of Literature & Culture Studies and the Mizoram University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences that are published by various departments & schools of Mizoram Unive 

Central Library, Mizoram University is housed in an area of about 4,496.62 sq.m and has a collection of 1,12,719 books, besides other reading materials; these are supplemented by the e-Resources received from the INFLIBNET. Library building surrounded by trees is disabled-friendly, barrier free with ramps. It has a power back-up of 100 KW stand alone Solar PV Power Plant to ensure continuous uninterrupted power supply. The Central Library earned the appreciation of NAAC Peer Team as ‘having good facilities, good maintenance & a beautiful library’ as well as ‘one of the best libraries not only in North-East India, but Eastern India’. 

The entire library holdings have been made available in the machine-readable catalogue since year 2008; and the computerised bibliographic information of the library holdings have also been available for the users’ searching throughout the campus through Local Area Network (intranet) using WebOPAC. Automated circulation system using barcode technology has been used since 1st December, 2008 which provides easy & prompt service to the users. Library has been providing lending & reprographic services, Orientation Programmes for the newly admitted candidates of all the Academic Departments used to be conducted every academic session. 

Library upgraded its existing Library Management Software by integrating with an SMS and E-mail Alert System. The new system will send SMS and Email alerts for every transaction to the users i.e. issue, return, renewal, etc of books with necessary information. For overdue books, reminders will be sent to the user along with the fine amount.The system has been operating since 14th January 2016. 

Library introduced the Best Library User Award (Student and Teacher Categories) from the academic session 2014-2015. 

The Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL) was established in the year 2012 with a total budget of Rs. 12.50 Crore under 11th plan and financial assistance with DST, New Delhi. CIL is a specialised research facility which houses 15 sophisticated State- of- Art instruments with other supporting or basic facilities. It has been created with the objective of providing a central facility of latest and Advanced Analytical Instruments for research in the application areas of the physical, environmental, biological, allied and interdisciplinary sciences. It caters to the interdisciplinary applications in research to all the Science Schools & also for some research of School of Social Sciences (in the field of material research) at Mizoram University as well as to the academic research institutes & the private Companies or Industries in and outside Mizoram. This research laboratory facility is common to all the Science Schools in MZU and therefore, CIL serves as an academic, research and scientific service provider and helps in the interdisciplinary academic & research programmes. 


To provide a central facility of latest & Advanced Analytical Instruments for research in the areas of physical, environmental, biological, engineering and allied & interdisciplinary sciences.

To provide research assistance to various researchers from MZU, other academic or research institutes and private companies or industries.

Continuously upgrade & maintain state- of- art research facility for excellence in the research. 

Guidelines for University Guest House 

All requests for the reservation of rooms in the Guest House should be applied in writing to the Dy. Registrar (Estate) well in advance. Only those guests who are allotted rooms in the Estate Section should be accommodated.

Proper check-out time will be strictly followed as far as practicable as below: – Check-out time is: 12:00 Noon.

All sums received as room rents, food charges or any other charges shall be received by the Manager in cash or cheque.

All requests for ordered breakfast, lunch or dinner or tea etc from any individual or party other than a Guest should be routed through Adm-III (Estate).

All members of Court, Executive Council, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Selection Committee, External Examiners of the Institute & Chief Guest of Convocation or any other special guest of convocation or any other Guest declared official by the Vice Chancellor shall be treated as official guest of the Institute.

All official Guests of the Institute as specified above shall be rendered 100% free fooding & lodging.

For all other Guests who claim official status, he or his sponsor should obtain prior approval of the authority & enclose the same along with the application for the reservation of rooms.

The duration for stay of an official Guest in the Guest House shall normally be not longer than 5 days. Any official guest staying longer than 5 days shall have to pay room rent & other charges as per normal rate.

It shall be the responsibility of each sponsor (the person who applies for the reservation of room on behalf of his or her Guest) to ensure timely payment of bills on behalf of his or her Guest.

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