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Sunrise university Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector Admission 2022

Sunrise university Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector Admission

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector is a two- or three-yr diploma program. It varies relying at the specialization chosen. It is a full-time program that specializes in supplying students with hands-on enjoyment in animal care.

Students will discover ways to look into farm animals for sicknesses to conform with policies and policies and keep away from the unfold of exceptional pests and sicknesses. Animal sicknesses and accidents are diagnosed, treated, and researched. Veterinarians who paint in studies and development, cattle inspection, or puppy and partner animal care are organized via this course.

The students get in-intensity expertise of Livestock management (farm animals, buffalo, sheep, goat, horse & camel), Elements of animal frame function & structure, Artificial insemination, Animal feeds & feeding & forage production, Veterinary first useful resource and disorder prevention, Poultry retaining via this course.

A Veterinary Livestock Inspector`s task is a part of the bigger organization of veterinarians. Students need to attend lectures and meetings to maintain their studies. They discover ways to accumulate frame tissue, faeces, blood, urine, and different physical fluids for inspection and analysis. They additionally understand the way to teach the general public approximately sicknesses that may be transmitted from animals to humans. Students discover ways to look into animals to stumble on and diagnose ailments or accidents. They train human beings the way to take care of ill or injured animals with the aid of using supplying medications, placing bones, recuperation wounds, and acting surgery.

Eligibility Criteria Required for Admission in Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

The applicants interested by doing a Diploma in Veterinary Livestock course have to skip the 10+2 Exam from a reputed board having Bio / Maths/ Physics /Chemistry and English as their primary subjects. They have to have given this course with no less than 50% rating.

For Sc/SC students, rest is given, and students with a 40% rating also can apply.

The decreased age restriction is 17, and the top age restriction is 21 years of age is required.

Syllabus of Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

  • Elementary Animal Husbandry
  • Elementary Livestock Handling
  • Elementary Animal Nutrition
  • Basic Computer Applications
  • Elementary Anatomy and Physiology of Animals & Pharmacology
  • Basic Poultry Science
  • Veterinary Hospital Management and Surgical Care                               
  • Wounds Management and Veterinary Care
  • Practical Work

Sunrise University Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector Course Details

Course Name

Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Course Duration

2 years

Type of Course


Eligibility Criteria

10+2 equivalent from Recognized Education Board

Benefits of a Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

They can inoculate animals against illnesses like rabies and distemper after completing the course.

Students can use diagnostic devices which include radiography or ultrasound machines and interpret the photographs that generate.

They also can provide recommendations to customers concerning the deaths in their pets or euthanasia decisions.

Provide animal proprietors steerage on hygienic measures, food, preferred care, scientific issues, and remedy choices.

They can teach or supervise personnel that paints with or take care of animals.

To find out the reasons of animal fatalities, behavior postmortem examinations and analyses.

Plan or perform programs for animal feeding or reproduction.

Future Scope of Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Act as Director of operations of animal hospitals, clinics, or cell farm services.

They can address diverse animals or cognizance on a particular species, along with horses or distinctive birds.

To come across infectious sicknesses, look into and take a look at horses, sheep, poultry, and different animals.

Animal checking out is used to take a look at the consequences of pharmacological regimens, antibiotics, and new surgical methods.

Look into sicknesses that animals can be susceptible to.

Utilize cell medical institution trucks to behavior business.

Students can follow bachelor`s guides like B.V.Sc. or different associated programs.

Career and Job opportunities after Diploma in Veterinary Livestock Inspector

Students with a Diploma in Veterinary Science and Animal Health Technology may go in diverse settings, together with authorities and personal veterinary hospitals, veterinary polyclinics, dairy farms, hen farms, and more.

They can open their non-public exercise or business. They can assist veterinarians or scientists with their studies. They can also additionally pursue a profession as a teacher.

Wildlife sanctuaries and dairy farms are the maximum famous locations to paintings on this industry.

Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, the State Animal Husbandry Department, Animal Research Centers, and the Ministry of Agriculture are concerned in animal husbandry and fishing.